Mohammed Fawzy


    Mohammed Fawzy

  • Partner- U.A.E.


• Mohammed performs a variety of legal services for the firm’s numerous clients including:registering companies, licensing and providing consultation in lieu with respective cases (litigation);
• Establishing partnerships, joint ventures, LLC, etc;
• Corporate/management strategies for the client’s businesses;
• Represents clients in litigation, expert meetings, administering criminal financial claims, and other legal issues;
• Determinesthe necessary documents needed to be presented before the court;
• Drafts legal pleadings in civil, commercial, real estate, arbitration, leasing, trademarks, labor and some criminal cases;
• Studies and conducts research in all branches of law that will be of help in the preparation of all assigned cases;
• Analyzes and solving complicated legal problems of the clients;
• Reviews and understands legal principles from High court judgments for future reference;
• Uncovered weaknesses in the purchase and sales agreements of real estate units (Reem Island) in large scale developmentsin Abu Dhabi
• Has recovered for clients more than AED 160 million of debt arising only from their dealings in securities;

  • MHamdan Al Kaabi Advocates & LegaL Consultancy (UAE/Abu Dhabi)
  • Overseeing regulatory compliance;
  • Drafting, preparing and reviewing contracts, legal consultations;
  • Settlement negotiations and Arbitral tribunals;
  • Preparing legal pleadings in both Arabic and English language.