No- unless we have to produce volumes of folders/paper for complex litigation. We work electronically as much as possible. Our photocopiers are not revenue centres.

Of course not! We do not eat and render professional advice at the same time. For an interesting view, read the Fortune magazine article:

No. This is not possible as it would breach our duty to our clients to act always in their best interests.
However, we love referrals and would be happy to discuss a discount in fees for you when referred and thank the referrer if appropriate.

In some jurisdictions, we would make a donation of the percentage of the fees to a reputable charity.

Call us to discuss any aspect of referral work.

We would seriously consider this for certain aspects of our work and would love to discuss this with you. However, we usually find that its usually not an “apples to apples” comparison but we would never want our clients to feel that they are not receiving value for money based on competitive market rates. Try us for a free evaluation!

We wish. Actually, most of our team work weekends, nights, early mornings. Certainly our senior staff may be handling work from time zones all over the world. A fixed fee means that we must allocate our time very well to complete matters in the most efficient manner possible. Delaying a matter or padding it out wont earn us any extra money and not benefit clients.

We can also only invoice client matters in stages once that particular stage or item is complete. Therefore, our lawyers can and do choose to work at convenient times that are outside the traditional 9 am to 5 pm bottleneck’s to clear matters more efficiently. We welcome and encourage efficiency and completion – passing these benefits onto our clients in terms of responsiveness, timeliness and costs from modern communication and work methods.Call us or email us at any time of day or night.

We have a detailed privacy policy here (LINK) and we will never knowingly divulge your email or any other personal identity details.

If your matter is less than AUD$750 in professional fees.