About us

We established our respective law firms with a concept inspired and first fashioned in the British Virgin Islands in 2007. Working in Road Town, Tortola, (the main island in the B.V.I.), with the world’s largest offshore law firm. at the time, in a “global top ten” financial centre, undertaking complex legal and financial transactions, which were valued at billions of dollars at the height of the pre GFC era (as it become known), we felt that there was a better way to engage in legal practice.

We endured a formal working environment of a large, old fashioned global law firm. with wood panelled board room, while our backdrop was a tropical sea dotted with charter boats and beach restaurants, so something just didn’t feel right either for us or the clients.


We discovered that clients did not wish to meet with us in our formal offices (we did not blame them) and even when they did, they claimed to be more keen on meeting at the beach, wearing shorts and drinking rum cocktails etc. How then would it be possible to charge them on a pure time cost basis? On the other hand, complex transactions, involving billions of dollars, were undertaken entirely by email and telephone/video contact with a face to face meeting reserved for the celebration of another deal being closed. Clearly, per hour charge rates were ineffective and inefficient from a whole range of perspectives. In terms of time costing, there was no connection between the fees charged and the value of the work done. From the client’s perspective, such billing was considered uncontrollable, unpleasant and created shocks and surprises that were not appreciated.

So, we now strive to give certainly to each client, as to their legal expenditure, and we approach the question of pricing with the client’s specific needs and constraints in mind.

From 2007 we clearly saw an opportunity to make a difference with strategic innovation within the legal services profession. Since that time we have succeeded in building a global legal firm that delivers real value to our clients.

We strive to enjoy our work in friendly collaboration with our clients and maintain a basis of “harmony and happiness”; whilst undertaking specialised and serious legal work. This brings out the best in us to serve our clients needs efficiently, effectively and with passion.


Sekhon McConvill & Associates offers a “interactive and always available” approach to legal practice. As your lawyers, we take the time to explain matters to you, in order that we get to know the people we advise and represent. We are passionate about assisting people throughout the local Sydney area or globally as the case may be. We place as much importance on listening to the needs and concerns of the people we work with, and work for, as we do on delivering effective, intelligent strategies and valuable advice.


Sekhon McConvill & Associates employs dedicated, down-to-earth lawyers and associates who are experts in family law, the needs of high-net worth individual clients, business law, criminal law and general and commercial litigation. Our lawyers are committed to practicing law in the N.S.W. and Sydney area and pride themselves on their ability to build and maintain meaningful long term relationships with our clients.


The core objectives, values or principles that govern and guide the way Sekhon McConvill & Associates and its lawyers approach legal practice and deliver client outcomes are:

  • Integrity;
  • Excellence;
  • Innovative strategy and intelligence;
  • Focus on client centric communication; with
  • Flexible fee arrangements with fixed fees whenever possible.

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